Enamel-on-Steel Canning Kit with Blancher, 12-Piece In Stock Now

Full set of canning tools that includes the following:

  • 21-quart canner and lid.
  • Chrome jar rack that can hold up to 7 1-quart jars (jars not included).
  • 9-inch colander for washing and draining foods.
  • 7-1/2-quart blancher pot and lid with drainer insert for preparing produce to store in the freezer or for cold-pack canning.
  • 5 pc tool set: a lid wrench that easily opens screw-on jar caps; a funnel that fits both regular and wide-mouth jars; a pair of tongs, a jar lifter, and a magnetic lid lifter to safely remove hot jars and lids after they've been sterilized in boiling water. All tools come with coated ends for secure grip.

Special Notes:

  • Safe to use on gas and electric stove tops
  • Note: Do not use on glass cooktops (does not have a flat bottom)